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I thought that the dca magic morning was only for ap's...is that true or can i go with my 3day park hopper???
With the 3-day Park Hopper I had I got Magic Mornings on all 3 days. I was able to enter Disneyland early on Tuesday and Thursday and could enter DCA early on Wednesday. The only downside to the DCA early mornings, if you decide to go this route, is the entrance in the Grand Californian. The line was ridiculously long and it moved very slow because there were only 2 CM's scanning tickets and checking bags. I would have gotten in faster walking all the way through Downtown Disney and going in the main gate.

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I hear ya on the hot weather. Last week was very hot, blegh.

Ha, I have been trying to convince my parents and sister to move to Colorado for years...they are reluctant. Do you like it there?

Anyway, thanks for the report. I can't see the pics unfortunately, just little red x's but it could be cuz I'm on my work computer.
Colorado is home for me. It is a lovely state, imo. The winter can get a bit trying when we get harsh ones with a lot of snow and cold but for the most part it isn't that bad. There is a common phrase which is a joke for residents, "if you don't like the weather wait an hour." There is practically no humidity and we don't really have a lot of insect issues. We get miller moths and spiders, but that is about all. Some snakes here and there depending on where you are. And the mountains are beautiful.
It's a shame we had all the wildfires this year.