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    Air Shows at Disneyland?

    Hello everyone,

    I was sitting in my office today when all of the sudden the Blue Angels rumble over my office building which overlooks MCAS Mirimar in San Diego. Than a thought rushed into my head. Has Disneyland ever hosted an airshow or any areal acrobatic stunts over the park?


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    Re: Air Shows at Disneyland?

    EPCOT Center had Skyleidoscope in the mid-1980s.

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    Re: Air Shows at Disneyland?

    No. But when the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station (about 15 miles south on the border of Irvine) was in operation they had a major air show every year, featuring the Blue Angels.

    These days, I would think that the air traffic over Disneyland would be way too congested to have any type of an air show.

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