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    Sad Help Anyone got tickets for Halloween party on 10/23?

    Hi Micechatters, well it looks like I waited too long. I'm hoping somebody might have 3 tickets to the Halloween party on 10/23 that they can spare. Perhaps a someone can spread a little Disney magic my way. I can only pay face value. Thanks for any help you folks may be able to provide.

    Everyone Have a magical day.

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    Re: Help Anyone got tickets for Halloween party on 10/23?

    I am looking for 4 tickets for the 19th.

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    Re: Help Anyone got tickets for Halloween party on 10/23?

    The tickets are non-transferable and can't be resold.
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    Re: Help Anyone got tickets for Halloween party on 10/23?

    Buying and using tickets you find on the internet may seem convenient, but the use of those tickets violate disney's terms of use for them, and you never know if you are dealing with an honest person or not.

    While we understand the desire to discuss this topic we urge you to deal with disney or a licensed ticket broker only. Since we are all about playing by the rules on micechat, this is a subject that we just don't discuss, because it invariably leads to posts extolling variations on reusing disney tickets or other schemes.

    thanks for your understanding.

    thread closed

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