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Thread: Hollywood Land

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    Hollywood Land

    I'm thinking about DCA today and I'm curious if there is any news of transforming Hollywood Land. This land is definitely the weak point of the park at this point. You have a building used for Dance with Disney, the Monsters Inc ride, although great, really doesn't fit within the land. The Hyperion really needs a proper lobby, and Muppet 3D is using the same film first shown at MGM studios. The only thing IMO worth going on is Tower of Terror in the land. What do you think is next for this land? What do you suggest to put this on par with other areas of the park?
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    Re: Hollywood Land

    Hopefully the sound stages get themed to old school hollywood buildings. The area where mad tea party is could be a nice little city square especially if they bring back the fountain in the center. Put a little bistro where that dance crew stage is and it could be a cute little area.
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    Re: Hollywood Land

    Although I'll agree it could use a little work ( a little, not much ) I always thought The Boardwalk was in greater need of help.

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    Re: Hollywood Land

    I agree, I think Hollywood Land needs the most help right now. I wish they could have just called it Hollywoodland. Anyways, I'm all for an entire revision of Hollywood Land.
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    Re: Hollywood Land

    You leave out the animation building and playhouse Disney (both of which are pretty popular). Hollywood land could use help, but really if it just had one more strong d-e ticket it would be fine. Sure monsters doesn't fit theme and Muppetvision is old (but still very enjoyable IMO), but with a few minor additions I think the land would feel much higher quality. A) remove the Hollywood studios style facades. B) build new buildings/ facades that do not look like Hollywood sets but more like actual buildings. C) new facade/ lobby for Hyperion w/ a new show. D) after finishing all the cosmetic fixes, build a new d-e ticket where Dancing w/ Disney is now.

    I think that Hollywoodland does not NEED as much help as people think. Could it use a replacement for Monsters inc to make the ride fit theme? Yes. Could it use a replacement for Turtle Talk w/ crush? Yes. Could Muppetvision be replaced by a more thematically correct attraction? Yes. Would adding all of these help? Yes, but they are not necessary. Just like replacing Orange Stinger, Sun Wheel, and Mulholand Madness was unnecessary for Paradise Pier. Would I have been upset had they demolished MM or Sun Wheel? Nope I hate both of those rides, but the fact that they still exist does not bother me.
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