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    What happened to Casey Jrs. push rods?

    I know this is not a big deal, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I was looking at pictures of the little circus train and noticed since most likely 2007 Casey Jr. has been missing the push rods that make the wheels go. Obviously I know they are not needed but as a train enthusiast I bothers me a bit to see even a replica steam locomotive with out its push rods. Well anyway just figured I'd get another forum in.

    See ya walkin' right down the middle of o'l Main Street USA

    "THAT'S R

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    Re: What happened to Casey Jrs. push rods?

    I just realized that now
    its a shame
    Take a look at some of my models I make at

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    Re: What happened to Casey Jrs. push rods?

    You did notice he's no longer smiling either right? Maybe that's why.

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