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    Re: Park Blogs noting that Disney is kicking off 2013 as the year of "Limited Time Ma

    It's funny how they're going from "Let The Memories Begin" to a year of "Limited Time Magic". I hope everyone got they're fill of long term memories because next year's memories wont last forever.
    "Anything's possible at Disneyland." - Walt Disney, 1965

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    Re: Park Blogs noting that Disney is kicking off 2013 as the year of "Limited Time Ma

    Quote Originally Posted by Tinkbelle View Post
    "Limited Time Magic"? Maybe it's a reference to closing early at Christmastime to the regular guest
    Oh snap!

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    Disney is kickin' it old school in 2013 with "Limited Time Magic!"

    Quote Originally Posted by JneratorX View Post
    the promo is nothing new, they've done this before with the various "holidays" throughout the year one year. I believe it was this past year, with Dland celebrating Chinese New Year, etc...

    but the name is ghastly... how about Moments of Magic?

    Limited Time Magic is SOOOOOO stupid, whoever thought of this name should be fired!!!
    JneratorX, since you fully appreciate "Limited Time Magic," I wanted to get your input on potential slogans for 2014's promotion. Here are just some of the ones proposed on another thread (link: PREDICTIONS for title of the 2014 promotion) along with some new ones:

    "We put the vile in privilege!"

    "We put the FU in fun!"
    (Stolen from Ed Alonzo)

    "Welcome! Spend! Get out!"

    "We're Disneyland. Whatya gonna do 'bout it? Nothin'? We thought so!"

    "See the abandoned Peoplemover track before it goes away. . .FOREVER! Just kidding, it's never going away!"

    "On one randomly selected day we'll reveal what the h--- Goofy is!"

    "Who says you can't buy magic?"

    or "Magic: it's just as close as your wallet!"

    "Walt's dead. Get over it."

    "Spend $100 or we'll kill the mouse. And his little dog too!"

    "Not enough time for your kids? We'll make up for it."

    "Disneyland, d#mn it!"

    "Magical wonderful fantastical dream memories await!"

    "Where magicash & dream dollars buy the things money just can't buy!"

    "Where else you gonna go? The beach, mountains, museums, Knotts, Washington, D.C.? Yeah, right!"

    "The magical convenience of identical stores!"

    "It's a Mall World"
    (stolen from Mr. Wiggins)

    "Finally: Rappin' & Rockin' Small World!"

    "Walt's rappin' and rockin' and rollin' in his grave!"

    "Disneyland. Word."


    "For the upper-class kid in everyone!"

    "Can you put a price tag on happiness? We say yes!"
    (stolen from SCTV)

    "The Muppets, Pixar & Marvel? See whom we'll buy next!"

    "Pure imagination! Yup, we just bought that too!"

    "A Mary & Linda Blair Halloween!"

    "Money CAN buy you love."

    "Dunking booth with Eisner, Pressler and other favorite past & present suits!"

    "Will your grandkids love you for you or just for taking them? Who cares?!"

    "See the Dapper Dan Boy Band & the Hip Hop Mariachi Divas!"

    "Where St. Patrick's Day, Boxing Day, and Cinco de Mayo are all worthy of separate admission parties!"

    "If you don't visit, we'll change the Haunted Mansion into Superstar Limo, now with Reality Stars!"


    Better put by Bronco21: "EVEN MORE LIMITED MAGIC!"

    For more slogans. click on this link:
    PREDICTIONS for title of the 2014 promotion
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    Re: Park Blogs noting that Disney is kicking off 2013 as the year of "Limited Time Ma

    Friday the 13th sounds like my lucky day!!

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    Re: Park Blogs noting that Disney is kicking off 2013 as the year of "Limited Time Ma

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wiggins View Post
    ^ Well said. Your post made me realize that "Limited Time Magic" isn't hitting people wrong just because of the word choice, but because of the context of the words -- that context being years of cheesy marketeering from Staggs, Rasulo & Co. and the management hierarchy they've hired. With year after year of the in-your-face hype that has become Disney's M.O., even the most diehard fans will eventually be turned off.

    Thanks, Mr. Wiggins. And I must concur with what you said earlier about some of the philosophies that have been installed at the Disneyland Resort and how many of the recent leading "philosophers" are those schooled in the Eisner manner of thinking.

    Because I'm thinking that maybe this is one of the main reasons behind why I feel a sense of disconnect from the park that I didn't used to feel.

    For me, the park used to feel homey and warm. Now it's about traversing the park without being slammed into by aggressive guests or inundated by people yelling in my ear, or the like. It just feels different.

    What keeps me going are the memories of what it used to be. Keying in on a special place in the park where I can connect.
    I know that in some ways I'm absolute "nostalgia gone wild."

    But I think it's simply because some of the recent stuff is so commercialized and in your face that when you don't connect with what's there, you tend to find yourself looking to the past.

    I'm one of those old (okay, 47 y.o.) codgers who liked the edutainment aspect of the park. I will even go as far as to say that I'm so "old school" Disney that when I see a sweatshirt or tee-shirt I like, it is very simple, verging on the retro look....and doesn't say "Disneyland Resort." "Disneyland" is all I need on my clothing. Weird, I know. But that's how it is.

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