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    Question it's a small world

    Hi all, my husband's favorite attraction is 'it's a small world' (non-holiday). Does anyone have an idea when it will re-open after the xmas overlay? We're planning to visit the Disneyland Resort in very late January or early February 2013.

    Also, does the Grand Canyon/Primeval World diorama ever get covered/closed?

    Finally, is there any quiet dining (preferably table service) in Disneyland itself (not DCA)?

    Thanks so much for your reply in advance!

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    Re: it's a small world

    although it is fast food - the most peaceful place to eat in Disneyland, in my opinion, is Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country. The few sit down places are not particularly quiet, there are only a couple sit down places in the park - they are quite pricy, and it takes forever to get serviced, so it really cuts down on the time you have to see rides and shows, so if you are not someone who visits the parks often, I highly recommend you avoid table service at Disneyland.

    Small World is usually back to normal by February - February - aside from Presidents Day Weekend, is actually a great time of year to visit. It is not too crowded and the weather is good. But avoid Presidents weekend at all costs.

    The Grand Canyon and Primeval World Dioramas are still very much there, and as lovely as ever.
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    Re: it's a small world

    Small World takes about four weeks to restore from Small World Holiday. At the same time, they will be restoring Haunted Mansion from Haunted Mansion Holiday (about a two-week turnaround). In years past, Haunted Mansion Holiday closes first, leaving Small World Holiday to continue operations until mid-to-late January. When the Mansion reopened, Small World Holiday closed for the removal of its overlay. Until the park schedule is released we won't know for certain, but I think its a safe bet that Small World will not be operational by early Feb.

    Primeval World and the Canyon do occasionally go dark for refurbishments, but there is nothing in the rumor mill about an upcoming one.

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    Re: it's a small world

    last time primeal world was in rehab was last year
    have fun
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    Re: it's a small world

    though it's pricey and the selection is limited, i think blue bayou is a great sit-down option in disneyland. it's a wonderful environment and a fun experience being inside the pirates of the caribbean ride. despite being near the loading area, it's rather quiet at the restaurant. we also had great service there; we mentioned a special occasion and they made extra effort to make sure we were seated along the water.

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    Re: it's a small world

    Quote Originally Posted by mratigan View Post
    last time primeal world was in rehab was last year
    have fun
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    Re: it's a small world

    The Primeval World is scheduled for a refurb from January 7-23, 2013. The removal of the small world overlay isn't on the calendars yet, but it usually sticks around for a week or two after the end of the holidays, so I would hazard a guess that it will be closed for a week starting January 21 - that would be after Haunted Mansion reopens.
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