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    Ariel's Grotto Meet and Greet for DCA

    I believe that while the outside queue for Ariel's Undersea Adventure is really pretty, it really has not served its purpose since its opening summer. In addition, I think Corn Dog Castle is so horribly out of place in comparison to the more elegant side of Paradise Pier. I also remember reading that, since she would have a ride there, Ariel would have a major meet-and-greet in DCA. I think, if they condensed the outdoor portion of the queue so it basically ends at the end of the building, with maybe one switchback, as well as moving the backstage gates closer to Goofy's Sky Skool by removing the Corn Dog Castle, there would be room for a substantial meet-and-greet. Seaside Souvenirs can be condensed to right where the Fastpass line is for Sky Skool (or my dream world in which a salt-water taffy shop opens below the Golden Zephyr, therefore eliminating need for Seaside Souvenirs), and the Corn Dog Castle can become a more elegant stand where the Hot Dog Hut is (can't they sell both?)

    I'm not an artist, but I have an idea for the meet and greet. It would have similar architecture to the man show building, with the queue featuring large glass walls that contain a small aquarium. The entrance would have a poster basically looking like an old sideshow poster, advertising Ariel as the "little mermaid on Paradise Pier." She would sit on her shell, much like as she did at the original Ariel's Grotto. Her certain area would be decorated with her "gadgets and gizmos aplenty" and the queue would have some of her most famous discoveries spotlighted on pedestals, such as the dinglehopper. I know an aquarium with live fish would be a lot to maintain for just a meet-and-greet, but it would add a lot to the queue and to that area of the pier. Plus, it would make the meet-and-greet more of an attraction (much like the Disney Gallery - an option could be to see the fish but not have to wait in line).

    Thoughts? This is one of my many thoughts to fix Paradise Pier.

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    Re: Ariel's Grotto Meet and Greet for DCA

    Do NOT mess with my Corndog Castle.

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    Re: Ariel's Grotto Meet and Greet for DCA

    They have a great Meet and Greet at the WDW version, DCA should have one too.

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    Re: Ariel's Grotto Meet and Greet for DCA

    i was at DCA during gay days and the line used the entire line
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    Re: Ariel's Grotto Meet and Greet for DCA

    Quote Originally Posted by Goofy Daddy View Post
    Do NOT mess with my Corndog Castle.
    Just a heads up.....that whole area from Goofy's Sky School to the Mermaid Q is rumored to be used for a new ride in a few just a heads up

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