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    first birthday at disneyland.

    so, even though i wasn't supposed to spend any money due to my recent move, with the rumored pay-for-the-experience holiday next year and my inability to be with my family for christmas, we decided to book a weekend at disneyland in december

    of course i'm super excited. the weekend we're going is not only the end of hanukkah (celebration for me), my sister's birthday, and my parents' 25th dating anniversary, but, most importantly, it's my niece's 1st birthday. tons of celebrating at the happiest place on earth for this crew!

    i want to make her 1st birthday as extra special as possible, so i was considering making reservations at ariel's grotto and getting one of those princess treasure boxes that come with the cupcake inside (gotta get one of those essential smash-cake-in-face photos). however, i'm turning to you micechatters to see if this is the best plan. would you recommend a different restaurant? how about experiences with the birthday package; is it not worth it? any other ideas are also welcome!

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    Re: first birthday at disneyland.

    No suggestion from me but I'm intereste in the responses you get. We are trying to go for my first and only grandson's 1st birthday and my youngest daughter's 13th birthday, both in May. We'd really like to make it memorable for them both. I love your idea of the princess dinner. We did the Ariels dinner a few years ago and it is still one of my daughter's fondest memories.

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