View Poll Results: What is your favorite Disneyland Resort hotel?

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  • Disneyland Hotel

    16 29.09%
  • Grand Californian

    31 56.36%
  • Paradise Pier

    0 0%
  • I love them all!

    2 3.64%
  • I have never stayed in a DLR hotel

    11 20.00%
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    Re: What is your favorite Disneyland Resort hotel?

    Quote Originally Posted by BlAcKoUt510 View Post
    Exactly. You can also cut through GCH to get through the parks, which we did a lot.

    I've had the best times at Paradise Pier. The park view is just awesome, the rooms & theme just make me happy to be at Disneyland during the summer.

    Winter trips are always GCH. It's just beautiful!

    Disneyland Hotel is good but it's the hotel where it's just more like "Why not?"
    I'm still kinda pissed I got screwed out of my park view room at Paradise Pier. I reserved a park view room and was placed in one on the 11th floor but the window was covered with clouded plastic due to the building being painted. I requested another room and was placed in a room one floor up with a lovely view of the parking lot. I could see part of DCA from the hallway but I wasn't going to hang around the hall all night. After changing rooms and going through the elevator situation twice I decided to just stay put but I wasn't too happy.
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    Re: What is your favorite Disneyland Resort hotel?

    The only hotel I ever stayed in was the Disneyland Hotel - this was back in about 1980 or 81 though - it has changed a lot since then. Back then there was very little in the rooms to remind you that it was a Disney hotel. It was just like a Hilton or a Sheraton, nice, but noting special, and nothing at all Disney. I was very disjointed. I was expecting Mickey Mouse sheets and a Mickey shaped toilet bowl. (I was only seven years old) Now - there is much more in the hotel to remind you that it is Disney. I guess they were tired of all the disappointed kids.... (and probably adults too)

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    Re: What is your favorite Disneyland Resort hotel?

    From my grand kids perspective the Disneyland Hotel wins hands down because of the Disney Decor. While I found the rooms smaller, the Grand Californian is the place to stay. It is more elegant, I can sip a cool one in the grand lobby, and being an "old guy" the walk to the park is much shorter. When our average mileage is 8.8 miles a day, the shorter distance to the parks is critical and the dinning is a plus.

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    Re: What is your favorite Disneyland Resort hotel?

    Obviosuly the Grand is the most stunning, though I chose the Disneyland Hotel. Whenever I'm at the resort I always stay at the Disneyland Hotel. Also with the recent remodel the Disneyland Hotel looks great.... Now I didn't mind staying at the PPH one time, though I really hope that it's completely demolished in the near future. It is such an eyesore from DCA and its just not really Disney feeling, the overall quality of the Hotel just feels tacky as well.

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    Re: What is your favorite Disneyland Resort hotel?

    Being a DVC member and the Grand Californian is our home resort I absolutly love that resort!
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