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    Club 33 article link

    I thought this was a somewhat interesting read about the "secret Disneyland Club". Thought it might be fun to pick apart for possible gaffes!
    Let me know what you think.

    Member Of Secret Disneyland Club Tells All |

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    Re: Club 33 article link

    Underground parking garage?


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    Re: Club 33 article link

    <<The member also offered a surprising tool for those looking to get into Club 33: Craigslist.

    "Some members, especially the corporate ones, have been known to charge a hefty price tag to take guests," he explained. "Alternatively, if you know any executives in the big well known brands in the [United States], ask them. Fewer and fewer corporate accounts are joining, but I'd have to assume it's still the majority of the reservations.">>

    This will lose your membership! Also, dinner is about $100 and lunch is about $87.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Re: Club 33 article link

    Quote Originally Posted by Druggas View Post
    ...dinner is about $100 and lunch is about $87.
    The article simply picks out a few random details from a discussion thread with 600 posts.
    Many of the comments posted by the "club 33 member" are very similar to comments posted in other discussions about Club 33.
    This thread in particular contains similar information.
    Some details, such as the prices, are wrong...

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    Re: Club 33 article link

    They start off wrong in the first paragraph by saying "the club's $35,000 per year price tag". It's not $35,000 per year. It's $10,000 per year for individuals. They're confusing the initiation fee with the yearly fee.
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