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    Re: Mickey's Halloween Party - attendance capacity?

    Easy. The capacity is 1 person more than your crowd tolerance level.
    Just sayin'

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    Re: Mickey's Halloween Party - attendance capacity?

    Quote Originally Posted by MSCguy View Post
    Easy. The capacity is 1 person more than your crowd tolerance level.
    Great post.

    I believe that last year's capacity was 30,000 and while I don't know what this year's was I can say that this and last year's (both I attended were sold-out events) and this year's crowds felt pretty much the same, with a few slightly annoying caveats, for 2012. Generally people this year were more cunning. They knew that the fireworks were going to be right after the parade so the hub & main street became a huge cluster-funk a half hour before the parade begins to the half hour after the fireworks ended. But meanwhile in the rest of the park it was pleasantly manageable and dare I say, empty feeling. The real turmoil (to me) appeared the be during the hours where the parades or fireworks were not happening. Several huge waves of people oozed around the park on a seek-and-destroy mission to hit as many of the candy stations as possible. Sometimes these blobs would bump into each other throughout the park causing unfathomable traffic snarls but for the most part if you managed to stay away from the mess it was quite pleasant.

    About the only thing that was predictable between last and this year's Halloween parties were the stand-by times for the seasonal attractions.

    OH, and one small complaint about the park's decision to run only 2 trains during a sold out event as this made waiting for the train a twenty-five minute adventure in candy organization.
    Many Bothans died to bring you these fastpasses.

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    Re: Mickey's Halloween Party - attendance capacity?

    Wasn't it reported on another board that the first sold out party totaled 35,000 people? A CM told me that the party totals vary based on certain factors, but he did think that number sounded accurate.

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    Re: Mickey's Halloween Party - attendance capacity?

    Quote Originally Posted by SteamboatMickey<3 View Post
    So, I went and I survived and was not disappointed. I don't understand people saying it was too crowded. I've seen the park WAY more crowded on a normal operating day. All the candy lines moved along just fine. Certain stores being closed? Who cares. I wasn't there to shop. Certain restuarants closed? Again...who cares! There were plenty open and the Halloween party had so much to do, eating at a restaurant would have taken too much time out. Understaffed? No. I didn't experience any of that.
    I am so glad that you didn't deal with what our party was experiencing.
    This gives me hope for next year. Let me help you understand.

    60+min for BTRR and Space
    up to 45 min for HMH (this line was up and down time-wise, very odd for an omnimover IMO)
    Matty at 25+
    PP and tea cups and Toad at 35-45 min (start of the party)
    Hungry Bear at 15 min to place an order
    Less restaus open = more lines elsewhere (I care)
    Less retail open = more lines elsewhere (I care)
    Less registers open for both retail and restaus = more lines (I care)
    Lines and more lines that seemed to intersect one another and go nowhere
    The hub and MS were a total gridlock
    A major lack of staffing was the root of the problem - this was the first party of the season and I am pretty sure based on what we saw and what we experienced and who we spoke to, the park was not prep'd for this event based on the number of tickets sold. Our two posts about our respective events seem like night and day. I, however, do understand that it is very possible to have two very different experiences for the same type of event. After all, they were a month apart. Again, I am very glad you had a great time, but plz don't discount the reports of others who attended a different date than you.

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