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    Re: Making a living working at Disneyland?

    One thing you might do, is when you're at the Park, talk to Cast Members ask them the pros and cons of working there. While there are people who have worked there for years, I find it to be rare today. They pay isn't all that good and at about $10.50 an hour, you can't make a living on that, because remember the Government takes part of that, part of that goes to benefits, etc. Working in the park is a good starting point to get into the company and then move to different departments that pay better. It's also a good way to find out what you might like to do. That may be where you need to start, find out what you like to do. What do you do everyday that you think would be an enjoyable way to make money. Also remember that if you work in the Park, you sell your soul to the Mouse. Until you get seniority, you're probably going to have a horrible schedule (work late one night only to have to get up for an early shift the next day). Most people don't realize that when they go to work there.

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    Re: Making a living working at Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by StevenW View Post
    Working for Disneyland is fine as a summer job. Just do it. Figure it out. I've done it. My friends have done it. BUT it isn't a career.

    I worked there for 2 seasons. It was a fun experience. You'll enjoy the perks like employee discounts and free entry, but the pay was ridiculously low. It is fine as long as you're living at home. Working outdoors gets old fast. Getting fresh air is nice, but to do this for hours is hard on your system.

    Work on your career. There are plenty of jobs at Disney for highly skilled people. Eventually, you do want to be John Lasseter. He didn't stay long at attractions. No one stays long for their first jobs. If you do, something is wrong with you. Heck, I moved around a lot for my professional job. You might need to work for other competing companies. Companies do want varied experience from their candidates.

    Don't be a superfan at work. It can work to your advantage as a dedicated worker. It can also work to your disadvantage as organizations are political. Avoid political battles or perhaps let them work to your advantage.

    Just a warning. Working there can ruin the best experience you had of your visits to the park. You'll never see the place in the same way again.
    I think this is great advice.

    But: do it! You might LOVE it. If not, you'll find soon enough, right?

    Are you good at making a budget? Really figure out, in a spreadsheet, how much you spend each month on all expenses. Just faking an estimate of how much money you will need "close enough" is not going to cut it; it's especially important when you're not making much money to nail a budget down, because you don't have a lot of wiggle room. If you haven't given any thought to this, one book to try is Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover -- quick, to-the-point and you'll be all set.

    If your family is supporting you in some way that also makes it more feasible.

    I think there are a lot of jobs where you get treated better and get paid more money. On the other hand Disneyland pays its employees in stories, memories and friendships. Working there at least a short while is a wonderful thing to look back on.

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