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Thread: /r/MiceChat

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    Re: /r/MiceChat

    Why split the MC community? Most MCers are not going to start using reddit. I personally don't want to spend time looking at two sites to find MiceChat Disney info.

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    Re: /r/MiceChat

    I am not an avid Reddit user, but I'll visit it at times to try to keep up with my sons or for my own amusement. My sons will refer to things they've seen on it in conversation, but when I ask what they're talking about they usually just say 'you wouldn't get it' or 'trust us, Mom, you don't want to know'. They're usually right LOL. I find that I have to be somewhat judicious about what links I open. That being said, I have found some insightful and/or hilarious things.

    I don't see that a MiceChat-specific subreddit would be all that helpful. I think most of us spend enough time here to know pretty much the trends and 'hot topics' that someone might want to link to a MiceChat subreddit. Now, a subreddit like, let's say, '/r/disney forums' in general would be kinda neat. A place for people to link threads from multiple disney forums in one place. Instead of visiting multiple sites, you could just visit the subreddit to see 'what's hot' at various sites.
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