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    Re: First Planned Attraction for Star Wars Land

    Quote Originally Posted by Sambo View Post

    Stagnation or failure because of not expanding - forcing tearing out of classic attractions? No evidence.
    You have it backwards. Expanding would allow them to keep things relatively the same in DL with out it stagnating because resort visitors would have so many different things to go to. Not expanding means DL can not stay "the same old thing" if there are no other places to put in new attractions. No alternate gates means the changes to prevent the stagnation would have to be done in the existing parks...which have no room and so something will have to go to yesterland.

    Unless it is your position that DL and DCA could freeze just like they are right now and 20-25 years from now they would be just as popular and relevant as they are today? You have to have some place to keep moving forward with the new stuff and the only way to do that without getting rid of some of the favorite "old stuff" is to expand to other gates.

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    Re: First Planned Attraction for Star Wars Land

    Quote Originally Posted by Goofy Daddy View Post

    A link to a an amusement park bloggers opinions is not proof. Especially when held up to a person who has checked the actual patent document and seen who owns the patent by READING the document. Thanks though for the irony of calling other posts and opinions hilarious when your own post falls safely in that category.
    ITA. And this is why I asked him. The opinion of a blogger is never proof. And in this case, it is even more laughable since the blogger him/herself states that he/she is not sure about the facts they think they may have uncovered.

    And would it be unusual that Disney partners with an outside amusment comapny to build a ride? Sounds like this member (Rave) is the one being "hilarious". Off the top of my head, Matty was partly designed by Arrow.

    I dunno if this will be a Disney purchase or used in any parks. But I don't think there is evidence one way or the least not as of this post.

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