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    Re: Any plans for Luigi's Flying Tires next year?

    I skipped the other Cars Land rides after watching YouTube POV's of them and reading the descriptions. I also had a conversation with a family while in line for Radiator Springs Racers who rode Luigi's Flying Tires and they said it was terrible.

    Give it another year or so and they will either refurbish/change it or replace it. That is if the feedback continues to be under par.
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    Re: Any plans for Luigi's Flying Tires next year?

    Quote Originally Posted by LandOFHappiness View Post
    From all the negativity for the ride do you think they might plan on getting rid of the ride and replace it? Do you want to get rid of it? What do you think should be done with it? Personally I haven't ridden it yet as it was too crowded when I went in August but I heard it was super slow. Do you think that if they just got new ride vehicles that would go faster than the ride would be a lot more fun and successful? Or is it something that can not be fixed? If so then how about replacing it with that drive in theater concept they had a while back?

    I have not heard any negativity for the ride. I have heard lots of people say how fun it is... i highly doubt they will replace. It is fun.. and it's fun for all ages! It's not slow you just gotta know how to work the vehicle!!

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