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    Re: 3 day & higher tickets...

    Quote Originally Posted by DrFink View Post
    I don't understand the fuss over showing an ID, tbh. I have to show an ID to get to work, you get carded at the airport, you can get carded at concerts, you are carded to vote, etc.. People are making it sound like showing ID to verify your Disneyland tickets are really yours is the end of the world.
    We actually won the fight about being carded to vote and don't need to....

    Hey, if you get told you're going to have to go back to your hotel for ID and make your kids wait an extra 30-60 min to see the corporate mouse, you're going to be upset, that's what people are wondering.

    Remember, this is about disproving Disney's assumption that you're using the tickets against their rules. If flashing something at the 17-year-old working the gates convinces the mouse I'm not a criminal, fine. Dr. Fink, you might be a little more used to constantly proving you're not a criminal than I am. (Yes, I also get upset at costco when they make me prove I went through a register 30 feet back. Redesign your stores so you don't have to accuse me of shoplifting every time I want to buy toilet paper.)
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    Re: 3 day & higher tickets...

    When did the world become so cynical?

    Somedays, it makes a body want to stay under the covers and not come out.

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    Re: 3 day & higher tickets...

    Quote Originally Posted by bummerkit View Post
    Does this seem ridiculous to anyone but me? entrance to DLR = ! getting on a plane?
    Considering they're always raising their prices, decreasing their level of service and packing in their customers like sardines, what's the difference between Disney and airlines?
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    Re: 3 day & higher tickets...

    Hubby and I ALWAYS bring ID regardless (you know, for alcohol lol) but I'm glad I saw this. We have a 5 day PH and we will DEFINITELY be prepared at the gate!
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