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    What is the best strategy for Racers?

    I will be at the Disneyland Resort for part of Saturday, all day Sunday and all day Monday. We have not been on Radiator Springs Racers yet and are looking forward to it.

    What I would like to know is what is the best strategy? Get a FP first thing? Go in line first thing? I have heard the FP line is really long, so which would be more time efficient?

    Thanks for any and all advice!

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    Re: What is the best strategy for Racers?

    The FP line is long, but once the park opens it moves very fast. If instead of waiting in the FP line you wait at the rope drop to go to RSR first, you run some risk it won't open at park opening.

    Basically the wait is about the same either way. You can wait upto about 35 minutes for a FP, all of the rope drop to get there first and 5 minutes after opening have your FP, which when you go to RSR to use can take another 5-15 minutes in the FP return queue. You can wait at the rope drop for upto 30 minutes and then if RSR another 5-15 minutes assuming it's running when you get into the queue. If you aren't near the front of the Rope Drop RSR wait builds very quickly and can be 30-45 minutes long.

    I either go to the FP line, and having ridden RSR a lot take the risk to ride it, and right after go get a FP. The FPs can last 90 minutes on busy days and has been close to 120 on non busy days.

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    Re: What is the best strategy for Racers?

    Thanks for the input! I am still not sure what I will do but the information you provided is very helpful.

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