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    Sunrise in Disneyland

    With early morning admission at 7AM does anyone have any pictures of the sun coming up on Main Street or the Castle?

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    Re: Sunrise in Disneyland

    I believe some people got some nice pics during the leap day event...

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    Re: Sunrise in Disneyland

    My camera took bad pictures of the sunrise on Leap Year but a lot of people were snapping pictures of it. Anyone here have any??

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    Re: Sunrise in Disneyland

    I would be interested also....
    For the love of Disney....

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    Re: Sunrise in Disneyland

    The castle faces north-south. You will never get a sunrise over the castle. As for Main Street by the time you can get a picture of the sun rising over the buildings it is already too high in the sky to make any impact. I was in the parks at sunrise a few years ago in springtime. The sun actually rose over Tomorrowland IIRC around the area of the train station. Not too dramatic but still cool nonetheless to be in the park so early.

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