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    New Years Eve Question

    If they close the park early to new guests on New Year's Eve (some sites say as early as 10am) are you stuck in the park that you're already in or can you still Park Hop? I think I want to celebrate midnight with the Fountains and Fireworks show but I don't necessarily want to spend my whole day at DCA. Thanks for the help! Also in your opinions am I making the right choice? I am basing my decision on YouTube videos of the last two New Year's Eve celebrations in DL and DCA, Fountains and Fireworks to me looks like the best show.

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    Re: New Years Eve Question

    There are several levels of "closure" I understand it...first is halt any ticket sales...second is to limit entry to readmittance and resort guests only...third is capacity shut down, one out one in as people leave at which point you are outta luck no matter who you are!

    ...during the day you will probably be fine but I would pick a park by lunch and plan on staying there!

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    Re: New Years Eve Question

    There are 5 levels. Every thing is a go. Then, They stop selling 1 day tickets. Then they stop selling multi day (you can buy APs.) Then they stop allowing new entries. And finally, hard turnstile closure called by the fire marshal.

    The gates will reopen when the marshal deems it safe enough. If I remember correctly, it is in groups of 200. Once 200+ leave, they will let 200+ in. There is rarely a real issue until after 5pm. It may close, but it will reopen during this time. After 5, you never know.
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    Re: New Years Eve Question

    Man sounds chaotic, I think I will enjoy a nice relaxing time home

    Im sure its a once ina life time experience though, Patience is key

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