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    The LAST thing I thought I'd long for...

    The list of Disneyland pleasures I miss from time to time is long. There is one experience I am particularly shocked to find myself craving, especially since I was fairly indifferent to it while I was there. This strange longing goes a little something like this, ahem, "get into the spiriit, let everyone hear iiit, so come on come on, soouundsaationaal"

    I miss it. I miss it like crazy. All I want to do right now is watch that parade and munch on a turkey leg. It is almost two in the morning, and I have an urge to grab a leftover turkey leg from dinner, go into my living room and dance along to the Soundsational parade. I'm sure my family wouldn't be too pleased with me, so I'll just share this dorky confession here with my fellow Micechatters. I'm sure this post appears to be written by a child, but I am a grown up and a mother. I guess it's a case of 30 going on 13.

    What has been the oddest or most surprising Disneyland experience you found yourself missing/craving?
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    Re: The LAST thing I thought I'd long for...

    I tend to watch Fantasmic! by Fantasmiceddie24 almost all day everyday. I don't why but I love it. It makes me feel like am at the parks when I am really in the living room. I am so lame that my T.V. can convert what ever is on it to 3D and I watched it in 3D. I even know the songs, dances, and dialogue.
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    Re: The LAST thing I thought I'd long for...

    After riding elevators, I get the sudden craving to want to ride Tower of Terror.

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    Re: The LAST thing I thought I'd long for...

    I crave the park in general most of the time, but I think Fantasmic is the biggest for me. I often watch videos of the show on YouTube.

    Oddly enough I want to be in line for Thunder Mountain Railroad when I smell barbecue sometimes. It reminds me of the Big Thunder Ranch, I guess.
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    Re: The LAST thing I thought I'd long for...

    The elevator at my apartment complex often times has that "recycled air" smell that Star Tours has. Thus making me want to ride Star Tours almost every day.

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    Re: The LAST thing I thought I'd long for...

    Youtube is my portal to Disneyland whenever I am not there.

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    Re: The LAST thing I thought I'd long for...

    Whenever I'm feeling a sudden Disney urge I just go on YouTube and watch POVs of all my favorite rides.

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    Re: The LAST thing I thought I'd long for...

    I never thought much of it while it was around. And after they build Star Tours I actively talked about getting rid of it, but Mission to Mars. I really miss that hokey, wonderful attraction. The effects were primitive, but my imagination was able to really soar on this attraction.

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