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    Red Face How do they get away with that!?

    Haven't seen this posted in the threads yet, If so, sorry it got brought up again!

    But, recently LegoLand Florida just opened "Star Wars: Miniland", the one in here in California also has one. My question is how does this work now? Considering Disney has the rights to Star Wars? Is Legoland paying royalties or are they in a set contract? I mean the lego stores in both Downtown Disney's sell Star Wars Lego sets? Just a thought!

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    Re: How do they get away with that!?

    They are probably leveraging older existing contracts between Lego and Lucasfilm that they had to sign to do the Star Wars toys and sets. You don't sign just to make and sell the toys, there's a marketing and exhibitions component too that covers the Lego theme parks.

    And you don't write a really short term contract, they probably run for 20 or 30 years at a stretch, with set options for extensions.

    This is the problem they're going to run into with Marvel having sold the rights for several rides and properties to Universal on the East Coast - Even if Disney and Marvel wanted to terminate the contracts the minute they expire, if Universal wants to pay the full renewal price (Often set painfully high if they want to force the issue) to keep the contract going they can do it.

    The idea of those clauses is, they set the renewal price really high if the buyer wants to enforce it (or needs to...) but if the seller wants to renew the contract they often negotiate a more realistic price to match the current economic situation.

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    Re: How do they get away with that!?

    With it being Lego, it makes the features unique and very specific to the world of Lego.
    now that Disney owns the properties that are Star Wars (and more) it does not exclude others from licensing.

    in terms of universal rides, I do believe I heard they were character specific. Licensed use. If they expire or contracts are terminated, I'm sure they will adjust their attractions accordingly with new names and colors.

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    Re: How do they get away with that!?

    Disney just inherits all the licensing deals already in place between LucasFilm, their properties and whoever.

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    Re: How do they get away with that!?

    Quote Originally Posted by mycroft16 View Post
    Disney just inherits all the licensing deals already in place between LucasFilm, their properties and whoever.
    Same as with Marvel.

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