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    Re: Do you have a single favorite day at Disneyland -- EVER?

    I have had so many perfect days at Disneyland it's hard to pinpoint just one. On Opening Day I remember hearing Walt Disney's welcome speech at the gate by the old parking lot, lost in a sea of grown ups, at my dad's side. I remember feeling the magic as I walked into Fantasyland, alone, the first person to ride Mr. Toad, as my dad and the adults went to Frontierland for Walt's introduction. But the best time I ever had was singing, "Zippy Do Dah" with the Jazz Band in New Orleans Square, and having the audience give me applause. I still cherish the bead necklace the lady singer gave me that day. I was also able, despite a taxing hemodialysis session, to be there on the Opening Day of Cars Land. It was fun walking through a gauntlet of Disney executives welcoming us all to the park.

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    Re: Do you have a single favorite day at Disneyland -- EVER?

    I guess my single favorite day at Disneyland would have to be from this summer, when I got to take my best friend who had never been to Disneyland before.
    It was amazing, being able to show her around and share everything I've learned on Micechat with her.
    I look forward to the day when I can take her during the Holidays!

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    Re: Do you have a single favorite day at Disneyland -- EVER?

    Total Tender Rides: 20
    Total Lilly Belle Rides: 9
    Total Dapper Days Attended: 2
    Total Mark Twain Wheelhouse Rides: 5

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    Re: Do you have a single favorite day at Disneyland -- EVER?

    It's so hard for me to choose.

    The first I can remember is seeing Walt Disney in the parade riding his car with the steering lever. Later I saw it parked, along with the parade floats, from the Swiss Family Treehouse on the cleared (but not yet excavated) land for NO Square.

    Next would be my first ride on Small World--we lived two miles due South of the D'land Hotel and went to the park on Twilight admissions. I rode it with my parents and then they gave me three Magic Key (any ride) tickets to ride whatever I wanted--so I rode Small World three more times!!! I was enthralled by the scale of the thing.

    Next would be my first day as a Disneyland cast member--even though I was only a lowly busboy on Main St. (and not very good)--I was so proud to finally belong!

    Then, after I went to work at Walt Disney World, I was back in CA for the Disney Stockholders' Meeting and afterwards went to Club 33 for the first time with David Mumford and Greg Brown.

    Once, I got to see Elizabeth Taylor leaving Club 33. She was gorgeous.

    I know it's not Disneyland, but my best Disney Moment was the week I got to announce the show on the castle stage at WDW--I got to do my best "Jack Wagner, Voice of Disneyland" voice live for four shows a day. I will never forget it.

    More recently, I brought my fragile, elderly mother to the park for her birthday during the "birthday free" promotion. In her wheelchair and her frailty there were few things we could do. But I took her to lunch at Cafe Orleans and she had a Monte Cristo (her favorite) for the first time in many years. Right as we were seated, the Princess and the Frog celebration began with the "Second Line" procession down the riverfront and continued while we dined with the show on the Mark Twain, concluding with the Mickey beignet birthday dessert. It would have been absolutely perfect, except that the wheelchair lift at Tiki Room was broken and Mr. Lincoln had not yet reopened. But she had a truly magical day and I am so grateful for it.

    Earlier this year, at the preview for Voices of Liberty in the Opera House I was seated next to Meg Crofton and George Kalogridis and got the meet them both. When I was a boy it was inconceivable to me that Disneyland could ever have an openly gay President so this was a wonderful moment.

    Most recently I have returned to work at the resort and have had some truly moving encounters with guests that have touched me to my very core. One left me speechless. Unfortunately, I'm reluctant to be more specific as I feel I should remain anonymous with respect to my employment at Disney.

    Yes, Disneyland has been a HUGE part of my life. I have a wealth of memories and it's hard to pick one. But they have been among the most important in my life. Oddly enough, I've never ridden the Lily Belle or seen Walt's apartment over the Fire Station, and I still hope to anounce over the PA at Disneyland someday. But I have so many incredible memories, and I'm so very, very grateful.

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    Re: Do you have a single favorite day at Disneyland -- EVER?

    My perfect, favorite day wasn't too long ago:

    Taking my mom to Disneyland, instead of her taking me. Back when I was young, she would have always taken me to the parks, one of the main reasons for my love for Disneyland. As I got older, we went less and less, and never went together. It wasn't until recently when our schedules allowed for a trip, and I had to money to provide. So my brother and I paid for all the expenses and took my mother to Disneyland. It was such a special emotion that my brother and I felt, the money didn't even matter anymore. Throughout the whole day, I had this nostalgic sentimental sensation, knowing that I was once at this exact same spot with my mother years ago.

    The roles had changed, since my mother has a bad knee, we had to rent a wheelchair which I pushed the entire day. It reflected how much she did for me back when I was on the stroller. I have been to the park numerous times before then, but never did it feel so complete and meaningful. Every ride became a trip to the past, and sight become a reminder of my childhood. Seeing my mom smile like a child was enough for the ticket price. So that was my perfect Disney day. I don't think anything could ever top this, but not as to say we can't have multiple favorite days.

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