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    Re: Height questions

    Quote Originally Posted by DrFink View Post
    Even at my height I have issues with that. I barely saw any of World of Color the first time due to people standing in front of me.

    As far as not being able to reach things in the shops... ask a CM for help? I have trouble reaching high-up items when I shop and if I want to see something it is as simple as asking for someone else to get it for you. I was shopping on Main Street and couldn't reach a shirt I wanted to look at and when I asked the CM if they could get it down for me they did it with no hesitation. I've never had problems finding one to help me.
    Oh yes, I do. At the Emporium on Main Street they usually have someone hanging out by the pins and that's great. In some of the other stores the CMs tend to be more spread out, though, and it's always so busy that they are helping other people, so sometimes I've had trouble finding one to help. Also, I feel weird about asking them to take down a lot of items for me, LOL - with the pins, sometimes you want to see a lot of them, and I'd feel awkward asking a CM to take down ten things for me and then put them back if I didn't want them.

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    Re: Height questions

    The only store I always seem to have the most trouble finding CM's is the Star Trader in Tomorrowland. Other than that I have never had a big problem with them being too spread out.

    There is always a big abundance of CM's in the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney. I got approached like 5x by them when I was there in October and I was just passing through.
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