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    Question about entertainment (character) hosts

    I am VERY interested in working at the Disneyland resort as a character host; but am confused as to how to go about it. A couple CM friends have told me different stories; one says they got it by going to a fuzzy audtiion and saying they were interested. Another said they went to a separate host audition, but I thought they didn't do those anymore...

    And if there are any entertainemnt CM's out there; what is the hosting audition like?

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    Re: Question about entertainment (character) hosts

    Why would someone you consider a friend tell you incorrect information? (The Host audition.)
    It's actually "Cars Land", not "Carsland".

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    Re: Question about entertainment (character) hosts

    This information may be outdated, but a few years ago I tried to go back to Disneyland after I had quit my job there to focus on college. The casting guy gave me a hard time about my attendance. I'll admit it wasn't perfect; I worked there from high school through the first few years of college so it wasn't the most responsible period of my life, but it wasn't bad enough that I was ever suspended or anything. In fact I was a lead up until the day I left. Well, the guy offers me my choice of a backstage role or character host. I told him I'd prefer character host so he told me they would let entertainment know and that they would be in contact with me. They never got back to me. So up until a few years ago it was still a separate audition, although you can apply through regular casting.

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