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    How Crowded Will It Be The Days of Candlelight Processionals?

    Hi everyone. The only days my family can go to Disneyland this year are Friday and Saturday, December 14th and 15th. I know that there are Candlelight Processionals both nights. I've also seen that, this year, one cant avoid the processionals if going on Fridays or Saturdays.

    I'm assuming we're in for some huge crowds. My hope is that Disneyland added more processionals in order to reduce the crowds on days that they have them. But the realist in me says that just means there will be big crowds on every one of those days... especially Fridays and Saturdays.

    Any thoughts? Experiences? Forecasts?

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    Re: How Crowded Will It Be The Days of Candlelight Processionals?

    The Candelight doesn't add crowds, and compared to other Fridays and Saturdays the crowds will only be a little worse due to it being the Holiday Season. The Candelight will make Main Street a place to avoid in the evening, but it's like when parades are going on and you are limited to walking down the sidwalks slowly because you can't spread out into the street.

    Just plan around it to stay in DL in the evening until it's well over, or be in DCA, not going in and out the DL gate.

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