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    Entertainment Schedule for January?

    I'll be at DLR Jan 10-15, and so far the official entertainment schedule on the website is pretty sparse; nothing listed for DCA and only fireworks and parades posted for DL, even on the weekend. Can anyone keep me from freaking out and let me know if WOC or Aladdin plans to be running during that time, and dare I ask, Fantasmic? I know WOC is supposed to be going down sometime in January but I was hoping it would be after my trip.

    Anyone know, or know when Disney will post the full schedule? They didn't even have the park hours up until last week so I'm not terribly worried, but still.

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    Re: Entertainment Schedule for January?

    F! will be down.

    Aladdin will likely be dark on Tuesday and Wednesday as during slow season the actors gets days off.

    WoC will run it's rehab is the last weekdays of January and first weekdays of February.

    Entertainment will fill in in a few weeks, it's always post later than the hours.

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