**I posted this in another Post, just thought I would share it here too**

I went to the parks today, showed up at about noon. Walked over to Cars Land, nothing really going on around it, just the stage set up. I went back at 3:30 to wait for the performance at 5pm, and there already was a standby queue along the side of Luigi's flying tires, towards the side entrance of Bugs Land. As Brad Paisley is one of my favorite artists, I hopped in line and was about 20-25 deep. More and more people came, and they ended up having the line double back twice, lots of people!

At 5pm they started to move us into the viewing spot in the order that we arrived. I was able to get a nice spot, about five rows back, right in the center. After filling in all the space, there was a noticeable gap between the stage and the fans. They filmed the band playing the song with no vocals, but close ups on each member of the band.

They then introduced Brad to the stage, everyone of course went crazy. He then started singing "Behind the Clouds" from the Cars Soundtrack, everyone clapped along and enjoyed themselves! After his first performance, the stage manager came back on the stage and told everyone that they can now approach the stage, so those in the first row would be right up to the stage just like a concert. Brad then played his song again, followed by some more camera angles. Brad took this time to "chastise" us and said, "All you people should be at work, it's a Thursday. Who comes to Disneyland on a Thursday??" In his very own sense of humor that he has. He then played his song one last time, and he was done. He thanked everyone for coming out to see him, and was gone.

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The Stage manager came back and had the song played back to us, while the camera crew focused on the crowd this time. So who knows, I may be on TV this Christmas morning!

After that, I left and went back to Disneyland to see Dick Van Dike at the Candlelight Ceremony. Great Disney Day!

Just wanted to share my experience of how it went!