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    Can't Miss Christmas Traditions?

    There may already be a thread on this but if not, please post them here....

    Wondering what the best Christmas touches are at DL and DCA? I know about the handmade candy canes and the parades obviously but are there any other touches that are really special?

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    Re: Can't Miss Christmas Traditions?

    Savor all the little details and decorations. They're what make the park truly stunning during the holiday season.

    I recommend taking a horse-drawn streetcar down Main Street. It's a magical way to experience the Christmas spirit. The decorations in the land are beautiful and it's lovely to soak them all in from the perspective of the streetcar as the sound of the horse's trotting and jingling bells fill your ears.

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    Re: Can't Miss Christmas Traditions?

    The thing I enjoyed the most when I visited in 2008 was the decorations. We walked around and saw all the decorations at the resort hotels, in Downtown Disney, and in Disneyland. Take the time to do that because it really is enjoyable. Not to mention now DCA is decked out for Christmas.
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