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    Re: The Castle Doesn't Fit at the End of Main Street (Yes it Does!)

    Quote Originally Posted by animagusurreal View Post
    But I thought I should mention that my original post had nothing to do with the Princess Fantasy Faire and actually I'm not really sure where they're putting it, or whether it will be visible from Main Street. (If it was somehow as visible as Sleeping Beauty Castle, then I agree with you).
    Princess Fantasy Faire never actually entered into my mind. I was speaking more to the actual content along Main Street, USA itself.

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    Re: The Castle Doesn't Fit at the End of Main Street (Yes it Does!)


    Whoops! Sorry, it had been mentioned earlier in the thread, and I thought that's what you were talking about. I guess you mean things like the Emporium windows, merchandise in the stores, the Walt statue, etc. I'm forgiving of some of that, since Main Street is the only land that pulls double-duty as the entrance to Disneyland. The original point was, that's something I make allowances for, the placement of the castle is not - it's an example of what theming is like when it's done right.

    BTW, I'm totally against generic merchandise in every shop without regard for theme, and I don't understand how it's a good business model, when it discourages me from wanting to explore more stores. Another thing I don't get is why Altwater Ink & Paint sells cookware. Why not theme it to a cookware store? They must have had those in the 1920's. Or why not actually carry special art/animation supplies? Even coloring books would make more sense. Also, I think there should be at least one big movie screen inside the Carthay Circle "Theater". (To be honest, I've never actually been in either location, so apologise if they actually do have the things I said I wanted them to).
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