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    Re: Should BTMRR be tuRned into the new seven dwarfs attraction?

    Why would anyone suggest removing the only real draw for Frontierland? This is a land that desperately needs expanding and I would love to see how Disney can expand on the wild west/frontier expansion theme.

    If they had to put a ride in like the dwarf ride at Disney World, let them put it in the theater. There is plenty of real estate there. I would prefer that it be themed to something other than Snow White though, as that movie is already represented.
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    Re: Should BTMRR be tuRned into the new seven dwarfs attraction?

    Just Say No.

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    Re: Should BTMRR be tuRned into the new seven dwarfs attraction?

    Quote Originally Posted by DARTH MAUL View Post
    Is this a joke?
    I'm with Maul.

    It's true that it's proximity to Fantasyland would make this a feasible idea but why WOULD anyone want to? It's the staple ride of Frontierland and based on other threads here, is being refurbed to have some new theming and elements added. ( In other words, why worry? It's future is already set and doesn't include a mine cart ride. )

    I was a bit sad when Bear Country Jamboree was replaced by Winnie the Pooh but then a friend of mine in FL told me he felt the same way when Mr. Toad was replaced over in WDW by the same. That made me realize that each park's strength was that it offered something the other one didn't have. Let WDW have their mine cart ride, we'll have Mr. Toad and so on. I'm actually thankful that the two parks don't feel the need to be complete duplicates. ( I still wouldn't mind the PeopleMover back, though. )

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