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    Disneyland show idea

    This is a bit off topic I suppose, but I'm most comfortable posting in this forum, lol...
    Anyway, I was thinking it would be cute to have a talk show/variety show that takes place in Disneyland. It would be set up like a late night talk show, with a lit up, night time scene of Main Street as the back drop. The guests would be a mix of regular cast members, park guests, and character/face character cast members. They would play games and have interviews. They would also have segments where they show highlights of current park projects, highlights of vintage/yesterland attractions as well as just fun videos from around the park. Videos of Cast Members interacting with park guests during the day etc.

    For example, The Mad Hatter could be a guest, and tell some stories about his day in the park, then show a short video clip of him and Alice being silly with some guests and/or riding some rides. (Like many of the videos you find on Youtube)

    As for the host, I was kind if thinking of Bert from Mary Poppins, but I don't know if there is a better choice.

    I was thinking of this being aimed at adults, but it also seems a bit perhaps it would/could be for all ages.

    This seems like a fun idea, but I'm very tired, so my judgement may be way off. Anyway, thought I'd share here in case anyone wants to have some fun dreaming with me. :o)
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    Re: Disneyland show idea

    Love this idea, but it would be some creative thinking on disney's part.
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    Re: Disneyland show idea

    Maybe it could be a weekly show rather than daily. I'd attend. Guest prize could be a free day at Disneyland. LOL

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    Re: Disneyland show idea

    yes yes
    i love it
    then play a disney film before it
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    Re: Disneyland show idea

    I think that is a very good idea! I think the audience would love it!

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