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    WOC Fastpass for 2nd Show - Time to Get

    About what time do the fastpass machines switch over to the second World of Color show? I'd prefer to see the second show. Thanks!

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    Re: WOC Fastpass for 2nd Show - Time to Get

    It's a bit tricky. It depends when you go because how busy it is, determines how quickly the FPs are distributed. The 2nd show passes get distrbuted when the 1st sho tickets are out. If super busy like next week this could be around 10 or 11am, but usually as later as 1pm. Try to stop by the FP kiosks and ask what they are on so you get in line at the right time. Or politely ask when you go through the line for the 2nd show, and maybe they can help you out.

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    Re: WOC Fastpass for 2nd Show - Time to Get

    I got a Fast Pass for the second show around 3 P.M.
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    Re: WOC Fastpass for 2nd Show - Time to Get

    My family and I have also gotten FP’s for the 2nd show around 3pm, but I do agree that it will depend on how busy the park is that day. Since this week is a busy week they may run out quicker.

    Good Luck,

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