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    DTD on December 31

    So I'll be in the area for about a week during the break. I have about a three or two hour time window with which I hope to do some shopping in Downtown Disney on the early afternoon before my flight leaves. This will be in December 31st, one of the busiest days of the year for DL and I'm wondering is it even worth it? Will the whole place be do busy that it'll be impossible to get a parking spot or does Downtown Disney stay pretty stable while the parks are jam-packed? Btw I only place to be shopping in one or two stores, probably World of Disney being my priority.

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    Re: DTD on December 31

    It will be a little messy but not a bad idea. There are going to be a lot of peopl everywhere, so don't expect it to be calm. If one or both parks hit capacity which is a slim possibility that will increase as the day goes on, a lot will be hanging out in DTD.

    Remember between Disneyland Drive, and the better to use Walnut Street, is Magic Way. Off Magic Way is the entrance to the free for 3 hours, DTD parking. This lot may fill up so don't count on it, its overflow parking lot may get used for regular park guests on this day.

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