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    Re: Innovations Closing in Feb 2013

    The trouble with that is some can't distinguish between science and fantasy.

    I am Sambo, and I endorse this signature.

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    Re: Innovations Closing in Feb 2013

    I think people will get more excited about the Iron Man ride when Innoventions comes down. Yeah, I miss America Sings, but obviously that attraction isn't coming back to Tomorrowland as the cast got another gig in Critter Country.

    We already went to the moon, so Mission to the Moon became dated, but when in the next century are we going to have somebody build a flying Iron Man suit?

    Stark Expo fits like a glove in Tomorrowland, a sort of optimistic look at the future, with some futuristic technologies yet to be invented. Richard Sherman even wrote a song for Iron Man,

    Make Way for Tomorrow-John Debney - YouTube

    Innoventions has a footprint the size of the Matterhorn, BUT . . . there's a lot of space in Tomorrowland that is sitting unusued. Such as the former People Mover queue/loading area/rocket jet tower, plus if they removed a large portion of the people mover tracks, I think they could have an Iron Man ride which houses dark ride portions inside of Innoventions, then the ride vehicle zooms around Tomorrowland, sort of like how Iron Man uses his suit to fly around.

    Given this looks to be a custom built ride for Disneyland's Tomorrowland, I would figure there would be more rabid speculation considering the ride system. Mermaid used omnimovers, (I think they should have gone with an original system that allowed horizontal movement), and RSR used an updated Test Track system quite effectively.

    What will Iron Man use?

    Tony Stark uses a lot of transparent displays, I could see a ride vehicle that uses some sort of technical projections on glass such that you feel your inside of an advanced machine during the ride.

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    Re: Innovations Closing in Feb 2013

    ^ I can totally see those displays happening
    they have the same consept in Test Track2.0
    Take a look at some of my models I make at

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