View Poll Results: How can Disneyland improve? (Vote for more than 1.)

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  • Remove the abandoned Peoplemover track.

    97 50.52%
  • Move the Astro-orbiter back to the top of the PMvr bldg

    101 52.60%
  • Bring back the Golden Horseshoe Revue

    56 29.17%
  • Make the Small World dolls targets & add laser guns.

    18 9.38%
  • Get rid of the rocks at the Tomorrowland entry.

    76 39.58%
  • Make Captain Hook face character.

    27 14.06%
  • Get rid of Innoventions

    127 66.15%
  • Get rid of Captain EO

    89 46.35%
  • Lower prices (Be specific in thread, please.)

    60 31.25%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Re: What at Disneyland needs to be improved.

    Quote Originally Posted by ravencroft View Post
    They should rename this site to:
    Ah come on Raven have a heart. Like Disney, this site is open to all imaginations. I'm sure there are many opinions out there similar to yours and many are positive towards Disney. As for myself I hardly think Disney "parkswise" can do no wrong. All of the different opinions are fun even if they may be far fetched. Please don't give up on this sites or the events yet.

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    Re: What at Disneyland needs to be improved.

    You forgot to add: Add Johnny Dep to the Alice in Wonderland ride

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    Re: What at Disneyland needs to be improved.

    I REALLY want to see the jets back where they belong. The ride makes no sense at the low level (already have Dumbo for the little kids) and it blocks up the entry. A lot of people picked this option and getting rid of those blessed rocks. BTW, I've only been to WDW twice, but I noticed that its Tomorrowland was overcrowded and unappealing too--maybe a few better rides though. If they can do such a great job on Carsland--they could improve the Tomorrowlands.

    As for being overpriced--the passes are too high after the last increase. They don't need my money just to keep the parks going--it's just usary, or perhaps an attempt to lessen the number of people with passes--and make sure those who have them can spend a lot of money there. Should the park just be for rich people? I actually think the food prices are similar to the outside world, but, as someone else pointed out, some of the merchandise prices just go up for no reason.

    I resist any attempt to say that we shouldn't, or can't complain about the parks. The good things are obvious to us fans, and perhaps that's why we don't discuss them as much. Start a thread/poll about the good things if you wish. But telling the truth about the problems is important, and is usually the only way to effect change.

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