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    Smile When's the best month to visit-low crowds, but ELP/Fantasmic/etc?

    Hi. I am new to posting, so bear with me if this has been covered elsewhere, I did not find that it has, but...

    Just returned from my Dec 2005 DL/DCA vacation! Loved it, want to go back in 2006! So...

    When would be the best month/time of month to visit Disneyland again? I want to be able to go when it's not really hot or really crowded, but really want to see the electrical parade this time! (it was not running when I went in Dec.) Also would like to see Fantasmic & fireworks, too. Also don't want to go when POTC & Blue Bayou are down, and prefer to go when the ANGELS are playing a home game (between April & October), so I can catch one of those, too! (I have their schedule, so would fit DL accordingly into a homestand!)

    I was contemplating the last week of September --any thoughts? Am thinking 5 days.

    When do you all recommend as the ideal time to accomplish this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: When's the best month to visit-low crowds, but ELP/Fantasmic/etc?

    1. When it's not expected to be crowded, the ELP and Fantasmic! are not likely to be scheduled. Especially ELP, since it's in DCA.
    2. It's difficult to know that far in advance (late September) about Fantasmic! and ELP schedules. The river or one of the boats might need refurbishing. Weekends are more likely, so if you're content to see each only once or twice on a five-day visit, then late September might be OK. HM might be closed for HMH conversion (is that happening next year, anyone?).
    3. Late August might be better. Check the SoCal AP blockout date calendar, and be sure to go before they are unblocked in late August. Yes, it will be more crowded, but the influx of the SoCal APer's return is huge (imagine not being able to go (without paying) for a few months when it's within 30 miles). It might also be hot, but lots of DL is indoors. And scheduling outdoor times in early morning or after 6 is always an option.

    4. Lastly, any information like this (best time to go) will invariably be available to all who read it, thus drawing a crowd to the uncrowded times of the year (the Super Bowl Sunday Phenomenon).

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