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    Starting to plan a trip to Disneyland....

    Alrighty, strictly crowd wise, which would have lighter crowds - early/mid June or late August?
    -Thank You-

    Also- two years ago when we did our last trip we had no problem finding crowd calendars (free ones) online, but now they seem harder to find.

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    Re: Starting to plan a trip to Disneyland....

    Based off the crowd calendar I subscribe to Early to mid June may be a bit less crowded. From June 1st to June 19th it's between a 5 to 8 out of 10. 8's only on Sun. The last week in Aug all 7's except the 31st which was a 5. Hope that helps.
    Happy planning!

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    Re: Starting to plan a trip to Disneyland....

    Thinking without any crowd calendars in mind, I'd say late August is a better bet. If you go during weekends of early/mid June, you might run into Grad Nite crowds or the just-graduated groups of high schoolers who are itching to get to the parks and celebrate. By mid-August, crowds will have settled down a bit.

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    Re: Starting to plan a trip to Disneyland....

    I know, you said strictly for crowds, but I'm going to throw in the fact that late August has a much higher chance of being uncomfortably hot than early June.

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    Re: Starting to plan a trip to Disneyland....

    I would assume crowd wise that late August would be a better bet. However, like bee1000 mentioned, you run the risk of the weather being more uncomfortable that time of year. It's a lot easier to handle being a little chilly than being overheated.
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    Re: Starting to plan a trip to Disneyland....

    One thing that should be considered is not how crowds fell on certain days previously but what the calendar is when you are going. For example Christmas doesn't always fall on a Tuesday and that can make the Holiday crowds shift around.

    This next summer I suspect that the end of August, the last week will be best.

    Also as mentioned consider the weater, while August may be hot, June can be cool and gray. Also the entertainment, it may be weekend only in early June but daily in the end of August.

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    Re: Starting to plan a trip to Disneyland....

    I would look at the AP calendar. When most of the APs are blocked out would be better. I know they start being blocked the end of June and then they open up again at the end of August. People are trying to get as much DL in before school starts. When we went in June at the opening of Carsland, Friday and Sat weren't bad at all even though it had just opened. But all but premium passes were blocked out. When Mon came and all APs could come it got crazy! When we've gone for our anniversary right before Labor Day weekend it's been really crowded. I would pick June over Aug.

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    Re: Starting to plan a trip to Disneyland....

    All valid answers but to me, there's too many variables to tell. Checking the calendared events is good ( AP blackout dates, school calendars, etc. ) would help but the weather plays a bit of role, too, and no one knows that this far out. The problem is, early June and late August are both teetering on the same fulcrum of going one way or the other.

    Also, given the recent change in cost to AP passes there may have been plenty of APers who were driven away that they will no longer be the same effect they used to be on this time of year. I'm sorry if that doesn't help but there's just too many "maybes" on this one.

    What I'd like to do to help you is show you a Disneyland version of this WDW chart. Does anyone know where the DL counterpart to this thing is? ( Scroll down to chart )

    Disney Crowd Level throughout the year

    Until then, this link has advice that I'd tend to agree with.

    Disneyland Inside Out | Disneyland Trip Planning | When to Visit

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