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    Re: First trip and looking for tips

    Quote Originally Posted by DrFink View Post
    I also would suggest, if you are planning on doing them, to save the more show attractions for later when you are looking for a break. Stuff like It's a Small World, Mr. Lincoln, Captain EO, Muppets 3D, etc.. You can catch those anytime. I usually save the Tomorrowland theater and stuff like that for when I am tired or hot and don't feel like standing in a line or walking around.
    This is a great tip - these rides usually don't have too long of a wait and can be a great break from the sun and being on your feet. I would also add the train to this list. I LOVE the train, but I usually take my round trip when I need to get off of my feet and relax for a bit. I would not make it your first ride, as others have said you want to get the more popular rides done early.

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    Re: First trip and looking for tips

    I also agree with not making the train your first stop. If you want to see the layout of the park pick up a map when you enter. Save the train for when you want a break.
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