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    Re: Labyrinth - Fantasyland

    Some would say, Jim Henson would fit that bill also... As well as George Lucas.

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    Re: Labyrinth - Fantasyland

    Quote Originally Posted by DJS View Post
    Some would say, Jim Henson would fit that bill also... As well as George Lucas.
    Being created by those two is not enough to qualify these as fitting in with the CA theme.
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    Re: Labyrinth - Fantasyland

    H-E-double hockey sticks to the yes!

    With David Bowie music of course

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    Re: Labyrinth - Fantasyland

    Agreed with Calsig, Henson and Lucas would very much fit that bill, therefore a part of the spirit of California.

    Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal were great movies. I still see some local indie theaters that run these during their midnight madness festivals where each week some old 80's movie gets a one time showing. I'm not sure that either or each should be inspiration for an attraction. Frankly, as a kid I found Dark Crystal to be the scariest appearance of muppets I've ever seen.

    At any rate I don't see these attractions fitting in at DCA but the idea of a hedge maze is interesting. The chief problem with a hedge maze attraction is that it wouldn't accommodate high volume and any Disney park needs some real people-eaters if they want to succeed. I could see a way that Disney ( in general ) could do a hedge maze better than anyone else. Don't make it a fixed maze. Mount all hedge walls to rotating stems. Before letting in each crowd of people the walls could rotate to provide dozens or hundreds of different combos. You could go in the attraction and never get the same experience twice.

    An idea like this is better used by Universal for their Harry Potter land, though. I don't see this idea fitting in at any Disney park anywhere at any time.

    Quote Originally Posted by calsig31 View Post
    Comparing Labyrinth to Peter Pan is like comparing GI Joe and the Pyramid of Darkness to Gone with the Wind.
    I warn you only once sir, do not besmirch the good name of G.I. Joe and the Pyramid of Darkness. ( Okay, besmirch a little. )
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