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    Thumbs up The Voices of Disneyland

    Full Voices of the Disney Theme Parks presentation from D23 Expo 2011 - YouTube If anybody is interested in watching it, I think its pretty cool

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    Re: The Voices of Disneyland

    It just so happens I watched it for a second time last night. They are very funny people. The ladies have some real sass.

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    Re: The Voices of Disneyland

    Thanks for the link! That seems like such a fun job... I'd love to get into voice acting. My local CC offers a class in it, but my schedule never will accommodate it. One of these days.

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    Re: The Voices of Disneyland

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I enjoyed the video, it was interesting to see some of the faces that provide the voices that we have become accustomed to hearing all over the parks.

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    Re: The Voices of Disneyland

    Thank you so much. Bill Rogers is really a part of Disneyland, as much as the castle, Fantasmic!, and the fireworks.

    I dreamed of doing voice-overs manymanymany years ago, but I don't have the talent. The people who do are great to listen to.

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