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    Re: Roger Rabbit 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray March release...

    Quote Originally Posted by PascalGal View Post
    I understand that the plot remains unaffected by the cuts. My point was that it is bothersome to me that the cuts/clean ups were made, reportedly, without the director's authorization. From an artistic viewpoint, that is unsettling.
    I'm guessing that the frames of the original cut were not authorized by the director, either.

    Similar to, say, some "Rescuers Down Under" frames.
    Look it up if you don't know to what I am referring.
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    Re: Roger Rabbit 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray March release...

    Of course, it can't be as bad as the chopped to ribbons 'edited content' version that appeared on Cartoon Network 5-7 years ago when I was back in Iowa on vacation. That was torture for someone who had the original cut memorized inside-out.

    It's interesting how they seem to always note the Pig-head scene as the only deleted scene, but I think there are plenty more.

    In the summer of 1988, I got a Sotheby's auction catalogue featuring cels and still backgrounds from the film. There were a couple scenes that had cel-setups of some scenes that didn't make it in, such as:

    1) After she lights his cigar outside Valiant's office, Baby Herman slips some money into the 'cut' of his caretaker's outfit.

    2) When Eddie is trying to push Roger out of the office, there supposedly were a few scenes where Roger tries to use big, cutesy eyes on Eddie.

    3) Before heading over to the Maroon studios after realizing the 'connection,' Eddie, Dolores, and Roger are seen walking in the lobby of the theater they were hiding in, and Eddie would then place his call to Maroon telling he had the will. My guess is this got cut because Roger explains that in the scene when they arrive at the studio.

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