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    Re: Pirates Boat Sinks w/ Guest Onboard !!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by PozEmerald View Post
    cast members are not permitted to speak of incidents within the company. so no your wont hear a cast member identify themselves because that's in their contract and the punishment is termination. I know many cast members on this site that will speak in second person to avoid trouble... your right, if its true, it will eventually come up. and Ill wait. btw I am sorry.. I do get very defensive when I feel im being attacked. not that I was or wasn't.. just the way I am.
    Yes, they're not allowed to talk about incidents that actually happened.

    Making up stuff seems to be ok, though.
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    Re: Pirates Boat Sinks w/ Guest Onboard !!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve DeGaetano View Post
    There are many incidents that have happened at the Park that simply aren't newsworthy enough to make the nightly news--this among them. I remember when an engineer was literally blown out of the cab of the Fred Gurley by an explosion of accumulated diesel fuel, and both crew had to be taken to the hospital with burns...never made the news.

    It would have to be a mighty slow newsday to report a swamping pirate boat.
    I didn't know about the cabin blowout... but I know the media keeps a closer eye on things ever since the Thunder incident! The only thing recent I can think of was Space having rocket collisions and that being on the local news (along with the guy who slid off the top of the dome while cleaning it).

    As to CM's. They may not post things publicly but word does leak out. There are enough "ears on the ground" that if Pirates had gone 101 due to a sinking the board would know about it! A standard backup... not so much... but something as rare as a sinking would not go unreported for days.
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    Re: Pirates Boat Sinks w/ Guest Onboard !!!!

    Say goodbye to this thread, folks.

    It's frustrating that so many of you, many highly experienced in these forums, found it necessary to carry on the back-and-forth discussion of the truthiness of this thread, even after the title was changed to "rumor".

    For the all of you, new and old: carrying on with personal asides and attacks on another member is not allowed on our boards, yet even some of the most experienced among you chose to do so. We were asked to change the title, which we did, yet most of you continued to be unable of resisting getting in another, after another off topic "post of wisdom".

    Thread closed.
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