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    Arrow Buzz Lightyear Coverage

    Howdy Mice Chatters. Tomorrow, March 17, is the grand opening of the Buzz Lightyear attraction in Disneyland. If you have the day off, or are already going to be in the park, perhaps you would like to help us cover the event. If you are up for the challenge, please take some great pictures of the festivities and post with your comments here in the Disneyland forum. We'll link to the thread in next Tuesday's MiceChat roundup. Thank you and happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

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    Anyone got a schedule of when this is all going down? Morning? Etc.

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    Most events I have seen start around 10 am. Not sure about this one, but it might be about the same time.

    I was planning to be there with the kids as a surprise for them, but Brian has been sick since Sunday, so no DL tomorrow. At least he got on the soft openings.
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    Have fun! (you lucky dogs you) Take good pictures so us non-cali mousketeers can feel less left out
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    I'll going to be in the park today (wearing green of course), so I'll see if I can get any interesting pictures! I'll just have to find my digital camera first.....*throws aside piles of old papers*

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    I wish I was there too but I am stuck in Orlando right now and it's raining at the moment. If this Buzz is a clone of the TDL one as I have heard so far, you guys are in for a nice treat. Gotta love that Buzz sting gun in the last scenes...

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