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    Re: Disney's MagicBand wrist band to replace paper tickets

    Quote Originally Posted by alphabassetgrrl View Post
    And the thing where characters will greet you by name? Nuh-uh. It's like Minority Report, with the advertising screens that know who you are.
    It’s more like a customer service tool. Like when they thank you by name at the grocery store after reading your receipt. It provides a personal touch.
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    Re: Disney's MagicBand wrist band to replace paper tickets

    I hate when the grocery clerks read my name off the receipt and address me that way. It's fake-friendliness. Because they in fact don't know me. I've had my name taken off my accounts whenever possible.

    As opposed to the clerk with whom I frequently chat while she's checking out my groceries. That's real friendliness, though she doesn't probably know my name.
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