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    Tough Day yesterday @ RSR

    Was down at 10a, down again at 12n for 2 hours. Got to ride it at 3pm but waited 30 min in the FastPASS lane to ride.

    Its just not that good a ride . . . . Test Track is faster and more fun plus the car on the left always wins . . .

    As an AP holder we have been to Disney about 6 times since July and RSR has been down on every single one of those visits - sometimes for 30 min - sometimes all day. Sure - its only anecdotal - but there are lot of these stories.

    Then - we wandered over to Disneyland - Haunted Mansion was closed for refurb of the Christmas decorations - ok. Big Thunder Mountain was closed for maintenance. The Columbia Sailing ship likewise down for maintenance. It was certainly too cold for Splash Mountain, and Pirates was closed while we were in the area for some issue.

    Wandered over to Matterhorn- Also closed for a problem - 'come back in an hour' the cast members said.

    Wow - what else are you going to ride?

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    Re: Tough Day yesterday @ RSR

    It happens. On a 2011 visit to DCA, Soarin, Screamin', Grizzly River Run, and Tower of Terror were all broken down. As a result, Monsters Inc. had an hour wait!

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