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    Thumbs up Just returned from the golden horseshoe tribute first show!!!

    Just retuned from Disneyland after seeing the first performance of the Golden Horseshoe Tribute. While not what I was expecting, I still had tears in my eyes at the end from the memories it stirred up.

    It's a great little show Read below the picture to hear about the contents of the show, or skip if you want to discover it on your own.

    Oh, we were first in line and were escorted to the Box Seats Walt always sat in for the show - talk about MAGIC.

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    Like most, I expected Kirk Walls to play the travelling salesman and do the Wally Boag part. The show does not have any Boag material in it - the travelleing salesman, the Pecos Bill song, etc.

    There is no Slue Foot Sue. Instead, it's Miss Lillie (sp?), a chorus of 2 male and 2 female singers, 3 can can girls and a 4 piece backup band.

    When I learned they weren't recreating any of the Wally stuff, I was kinda crestfallen.

    But I left the show with a tear in my eye. Miss Lille took time out to mention Wally and Betty, pointed us out sitting in Walts seats, talked about the history of the show, etc. That was a nice bit.

    The dancers have one big dance number which was great and they danced in the opening as well. Of course, the opening song was a rousing rendition of the original shows theme song, with which they also ended ("Hello wverybody, we're mighty glad to meet you, here at the Golden Horseshoe").

    Miss Lillie had a number and then did a bit in the audience targeting a couple fun loving guys and ensnaring them with her feather boa.

    The entire chorus joined in on the song, "Belly Up To The Bar", a song from the show which was AFTER the original GHS Revue if I'm not mistaken. But it was a real foot stomper and I really like the song - first time I'd heard it.

    So, no tenor, no Sue, no travelling salesman, BUT - I did not leave feeling disappointed at all. In fact, I was quite moved by the show and hope to see it a few more times before it wraps. It was a fitting tribute to those that had gone before.

    Love you Wally and Betty - I still can hear you both so clearly in my memories!
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    Re: Just returned from the golden horseshoe tribute first show!!!

    Great to see ya had a great time! I felt the same way about the Wally Boag skits, however right now here in New York I'm wearing waiting for a real video! Ready for memories I can only dream about!

    See ya walkin' right down the middle of o'l Main Street USA
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    Re: Just returned from the golden horseshoe tribute first show!!!

    I hope someone shares video of this show. I wonder if "Belly Up to the Bar" is the same song as the one I remember from the musical film The Unsinkable Molly Brown starring Debbie Reynolds.

    Thanks for the review. That is neat the put you in special seating!

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    Re: Just returned from the golden horseshoe tribute first show!!!

    My family was Wally's guest several times in the late 1960's - early 1970's. I was able to maintain an acquaintance with the old guy right up until his death, and even got to witness his last ever dance performance in the middle of our Sunday church service almost 5 years ago (see attached scan below from our church newsletter). As such I am not surprised or even disappointed that Wally's stage work was dropped from the new 'Revue,' after all there was only ever one Wally Boag! I do hope though that as the writer of the original show someone at least mentioned his vital contributions to the original show.
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    First Visit at the age of 12, July 17, 1968.
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