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    Re: Is photographing what lies behind construction walls considered trespassing?

    Quote Originally Posted by sleepyjeff View Post
    Some public areas might get you banned too......over a bathroom stall wall for instance
    Not a public area, per se - if someone's in another stall it's one of those "reasonable expectations of privacy" sort of things.

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    Re: Is photographing what lies behind construction walls considered trespassing?

    I think the guy who got banned is an extreme circumstance. I watched one of the videos he made and he repeatedly snuck into restricted areas for fun. He was told not to do so by cast members at times and then tried to do it again.

    I think if you are taking photos in an area that you are allowed to be in, even if you are reaching your camera over a wall you are safe. And if you aren't you will be warned by a cast member.

    It is up to you to do what you want with that warning. I, as well as most of you I believe, would take that warning as a warning and not try to do that again. The guy who was banned seemed to take it as a challenge to try to do it another way.

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    Re: Is photographing what lies behind construction walls considered trespassing?

    Quote Originally Posted by Malina View Post
    I wonder if WDW is more vigilant about this because of the incident at Horizons years back? The folks that literally jumped out of their ride vehicles and spent weeks hanging out and recording/photographing every bit of the ride? I loved seeing that work and I know they were just trying to preserve the ride for posterity - but I do wonder if there was a board meeting about it when those videos came out.
    For anyone curious, you can view their last and final video here. The other videos from previous journies can be viewed on their YouTube page.

    Now let me say something before you guys go dissing these two blokes here. If you read up on their little exploration you will find a fascinating story. These two fellas absolutely loved EPCOT's Horizons. When word broke out it would be shutting down for good, they went out of their way to try and document one of their most beloved attractions before it hit the chopping block. Good intentions gone about the wrong way. Were they wrong to get out of their vehicles? Yes. Were they bad men? No. At least they showed some respect to the ride by not trying to mess with the show scenes and trying to preserve it for many to see. I'd say more, but then I'd get a little off topic.

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