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    Re: small world delayed due to dignitary

    Other than uniformed officers a good psd, while well armed, would be discreet. Someone may flash a weapon if their suit coat was pushed back, but they tend to be pretty good about keeping the firepower out of sight. It is likely that there was more than one layer of security and what was seen was only what was by design most visible.

    As for the comment about CCW holders carrying in Disneyland, while possible, it is not as likely as other areas as CA permits numbers are pretty low per capita. Disneyworld on the other hand would likely have a goodly number of CCW holders carrying as FL has a good number of CCW holders and honors most other states.

    Very cool for the Sultan to be in the park with Joe Public. Lots of work for his psd though. It would be cool to see some pictures of how he rolls.

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    Re: small world delayed due to dignitary

    ^ Agreed on this. I know a whole lot of folks that conceal carry at WDW. Officially, Disney's policy is that firearms are not permitted at the parks or resorts and you're requested to check your piece with the front desk or leave it locked in your vehicle, however most people I know just carry anyways, since it's not actually illegal (assuming you have a CCW), it's just a violation of Disney's policy to do so.

    DL seems like it would have less carry due to California's... ahem... thorough regulatory structure when it comes to firearms, but I suspect there are still a whole lot of folks carrying. You have to remember, under FLEOSA, anyone who is or was ever in law enforcement in any way in the entire country can legally conceal carry, even in California. It would be a violation of Disney's policies to do so, but I would be shocked if all those off duty and retired law enforcement types that are taking the grand-kids to Disneyland disarmed before doing so.

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    Re: small world delayed due to dignitary

    I think people who need that much security should visit the park at around 2AM.
    "Here You Leave the World of California Today and Enter the World of, um, er, California Today."

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    Re: small world delayed due to dignitary

    Quote Originally Posted by sediment View Post
    I think people who need that much security should visit the park at around 2AM.
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