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    Disney Parks Merchandise

    I'm not a fan of the generic "Disney Parks" merchandise. I'm pretty irritated by it actually, even though it's a small detail. Does anyone know or have you seen merchandise, cups, napkins etc. that feature a castle? Will they just leave the castles off of most things now? I don't know why, but if I'm buying a Disneyland souvenir, or even something as small as drinking a beverage in a cup...being at Disneyland and seeing items with the wrong castle printed on it will make my blood

    It just really gets on my nerves. If I'm at Disneyland, I want to be immersed in Disneyland. If I go to Disney World, I want to be immersed in Disney World. All of the generic, "who knows where you are because it all looks the same" merch. is really letting the air out of my Disney Parks LED balloon. (Or perhaps the LED balloons are park specific? Well even if they are currently, it probably won't be for long.)
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    Re: Disney Parks Merchandise

    You know one that really bugged me and I don't know why. The friggin rain ponchos. They used to be yellow disneyland mickey mouse ponchos and now they are just a boring plain clear disneyparks with a generic castle in the clouds. Blah.

    I hate those things.

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    Re: Disney Parks Merchandise

    I agree! I understand its easier and cheaper to "share products" but i hate seeing the "Disney Parks" logo!
    Props to Poisonedapples for the cool sig!

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